First-time leaders are the key to your performance

Leading the first teams can seem like building a plane while flying. This 12-month program enables your first-time leaders to develop the crucial skills highly successful leaders need in a constantly changing environment.

The 12-month program for
First-Time Leaders

The program is tailored to provide leadership talents with the tools they need to succeed in their current role and prepare them for the next steps. The monthly sessions ensure sustainable impact.

Built for first-time leaders

First-time leaders must exhibit the critical leadership skills needed in an ever-changing environment to ensure their teams' success.

Monthly 3-hour live sessions

In intensive 3-hour training sessions, the first-time leaders learn and practice critical skills. Self-reflection, role plays, and fun exercises create an engaging experience.

Small training groups of 12-15

In a small group setting, first-time leaders receive individual attention while benefitting from experience exchange, discussions, and peer-to-peer coaching in their community.

The critical skills for first-time leaders

12 months with all the critical skills to grow and excel in the first leadership position.

Module 1

Manage yourself and your team

A big part of managing the first teams is about managing tasks. Leaders learn to structure, manage, and delegate personal and their team’s work.
By excelling at these tasks, first-time leaders provide stability and reduce chaos.

Module 2

Grow your team

Performance and professional growth are essential. Leaders hone in on developing their teams with feedback, take feedback, and lead their teams for performance.
As a result, first-time leaders set clear goals and fuel learning in their teams.

Module 3

Inspire your team

First-time leaders take the first steps of transcending from being a manager to becoming a leader by inspiring their teams and building personal relationships. These new qualities help them to increase talent retention and build loyalty to the team and the organization.

Module 4

Address conflicts, stress and crises

Especially as a first-time leader, conflicts are behind every corner. First-time leaders in this program work on approaching conflicts and stress with the right mindset and move difficult conversations to solutions. They gain the ability to reduce stress in their teams and resolve conflicts much quicker.

Combine the best of in-person and live trainings

Combine the best of all learning worlds to build learning  experiences that your leaders, your executives, and your learning professionals will love.

Increased retention

Helpful learning experiences increase employee satisfaction.

Effortless and easy setup

We've got you covered for the entire program management.

Science-backed content

Validated, research-based, and state-of-the-art content.

Catch-up sessions

Live virtual sessions for leaders who missed the training.

Impact from day one

Moments of Truth to implement learnings from the get-go.

Measurement of your trainings

Meaningful pre- and post assessments of your trainings.

Strong leadership communities

Great leadership exchange across the organization.

The questions we receive

Do you have additional questions than those on this page? Then please don't hesitate and ask us directly.
What happens between the training sessions?

We guide and support leaders to implement learnings seamlessly into their daily leadership role. Our comprehensive approach includes preparation emails, timely session reminders, catch-up sessions for leaders who missed the main session, informative recap emails, and guided buddy coachings between the sessions.

Can we tailor the content of the program?

Absolutely. Our distinct approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. We leverage our extensive experience collaborating with over 100 HR and learning professionals to meticulously craft the content of our leadership programs, ensuring they are relevant and beneficial.

Can we also book single modules of the leadership program?

Since we are convinced that leaders learn when they have the opportunity to continuously practice their skills, we only offer 12+ months programs. The modules are forged to provide the perfect amount of new input to digest and apply afterwards.

How do you support the leaders outside of a session?

Participants can reach out to their trainers any time in case of questions. Additionally, our comprehensive approach includes preparation emails, timely session reminders, catch-up sessions for leaders who missed the main session, informative recap emails, and guided buddy coachings between the sessions.

How do you handle the program management?

We manage the entire program, freeing you from the hassle and allowing you to concentrate on strategic matters. Our training sessions are carefully structured in sequence, complemented by an engagement system that includes preparation emails, reminders, catch-up sessions, and more, all efficiently administered by us.  

What is the theoretical basis for the leadership program?

We could delve into every detail of the concepts we use in the training sessions. And we are delighted to do so with you personally.
What is even more crucial for us is the mindset underlying our programs: This mindset is focused on guiding leaders to develop individual systems that drive daily improvement and nurture a learning culture within their organizations.

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