The leadership academy for immediate impact

We offer monthly virtual or in-person training programs. With the perfect balance of content and practice, you create immediate impact in your organization.

Our proven training approach for your leaders

Live trainings in small groups
Monthly live sessions for sustainable growth
Designed for immediate impact

Build strong leadership teams

In small groups, leaders practice new skills through self-reflection, role plays, group discussions, and peer-to-peer coaching, allowing them to apply these skills and learn from their peers.
Live, cohort-based classes
Virtual or in-person
Highly interactive

Grow your leaders continuously

In monthly training sessions of 1-3 hours, leaders get the perfect balance of new content and innovative exercises. This enables them to digest and apply the learnings until the next session.
1-3 hours per month
Science-backed content
Customization & flexibility

Create immediate impact

All sessions are centered around personal “Moments of Truth” of the leaders. This design enables them to apply their new skills in practice.
Contextualized learning
Immediate application
Measurable results

Elevate your leaders to the next level

Experience effortless program management

Group setup, calendar invites, and coordinating participants - we've got you covered.

Drive impact from day one

The "Moments of Truth" combined with continuous learning create real impact from the beginning.

Based on science-backed content

All our content is based on the latest science and filled with state-of-the-art best practices of leadership.

Measure the results of your trainings

In our programs, you go beyond measuring attendance and get data-backed insights for each program.

Our flexible programs for your leadership teams

Workingwith over a hundred HR and learning experts, we've crafted the most effectivetraining programs for your leadership teams. These programs are grounded incutting-edge research and incorporate the essential best practices that today'sleaders require to excel. These programs are tailored to fit the needs of yourorganization.
First-time Leaders
Includes all essential skills for the first steps as a leader. It is the perfect starting point for leaders looking to grow into their roles.
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Experienced Leaders
Take leadership to the the next level, hone in on your skills, and build on your previous experiences.
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Executive Masterclass
Get a short and focused leadership masterclass that refreshes the skills today’s executives need to master team challenges.
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Leadership Talents
Provides all the skills leadership talents need today to thrive in a fast-paced environment and prepares for the steps that lay ahead.
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"This program provides critical skills and is the most impact-oriented training I have seen. Our leaders have implemented what they've learned from day one.“

Matthias Hofmuth
VP People, Healthcare Startup

The most sustainable way to develop great leaders

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