How to Translate Strategy into Execution

Remember our Family Feud-style showdown in the session? Just like guessing the top answers, translating strategy into execution can be a game of insights and actions. Let’s revisit how to turn your strategic intent into effective daily decisions.

The core concepts of the session

🏞️ Execution Gap: The Grand Canyon of Strategy

Imagine the Grand Canyon – that's the size of the gap between strategic intent and executed strategy in many organizations. Daily decisions are the bridge across this gap.

🗓️ Thinking Quarterly

Quarterly thinking is key. Break down your yearly goals into quarterly segments to make strategy a part of everyday execution. It's like stepping stones leading to your annual targets.

OKRs will help you to put this into practice.

🚀 From Reactive Follower to Proactive Leader

Shift from merely reacting to actively leading. This transition is crucial in turning strategic plans into actionable steps and leading your team towards the envisioned future.

⚖️ Balancing Life’s Four Major Areas

Life is more than work; it’s a blend of spiritual, professional, social, and physical aspects. Think about applying strategic execution principles to these areas. Cultivate your spiritual well-being, advance your career, enrich your social connections, and take care of your physical health. Aligning actions in these key areas can lead to a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

Your Moment of Truth


Schedule your Buddy Session

After a session in which we talked about moving from strategy to execution, the scheduling a buddy session seems self-evident, right?

  • Identify moments where you said "no" to maintain focus on your strategic goals.
  • Share it with your buddy. How did these choices impact your path to execution?

Books on the topic

Do you want more? More details, more examples, more stories? Here are our top recommended reads on the topic of this training session.

Work Smarter: Live Better

Cyrill Peupion

Measure What Matters

John Doerr

Podcasts for this session

We know that books are not for everybody. We rather would like to share our greatest finds from the podcast world on these topics with you:

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