How to Coach your Team

A leader as a coach doesn't just direct; they unlock potential. In our session, we explored how to elevate your team's performance and growth through effective coaching. It's about guiding, not just instructing, and creating an environment where your team can thrive and exceed expectations. But you need to know when to coach and when not to coach.

The core concepts of the session

🎯 Setting the Right Kind of Goals

Setting appropriate goals is key to effective team development. Align the goals of the organization, and your own goals with those of both the team and the individual's aspirations.

🌱 GROW Model for Coaching

The GROW model – Goals, Reality, Options, Way forward – is the most powerful framework for coaching conversations. It helps in structuring the dialogue to be more productive, focused, and outcome-oriented. Write down the framework before your next converation and think about questions you can ask.

🤔 To Coach or Not to Coach?

Coaching isn’t always the answer. Avoid coaching in situations where you already have a fixed solution in mind. Leaders should coach when they truly want to help team members explore, grow, and find their own solution.

Coaching is not a way to get your team members to validate your ideas and opinions.

Your Moment of Truth

The first you took in this session was to reflect: "For whom in your team is it most important to discuss her career development or her learning?" Remember your Moment of Truth that you want to put into practice:

With whom from your team are you planning to talk to?

At the end of the session, you also noted 2-3 good coaching questions that you are planning to ask him or her.

Remember that you have all these notes already in your Miro board prepared.

Schedule your Buddy Session

How can you make sure that you apply the learnings from this session? Of course, by talking with your training buddy about it!

  • How did your coaching conversation go? What were the outcomes?
  • Share your experiences and insights with your buddy.

Books on the topic

Do you want more? More details, more examples, more stories? Here are our top recommended reads on the topic of this training session.

The Coaching Habit

Michael Bungay Stanier

Podcasts for this session

We know that books are not for everybody. We rather would like to share our greatest finds from the podcast world on these topics with you:

Coaching Real Leaders

Muriel Wilkins having real coaching conversations with leaders. Link to the entire Podcast series.
To the podcast

On The Advice Trap and Staying Curious Just a Little Longer

In the training we talked about the advice trap. Listen to Michael Bungay Stanier explain what this means. Duration: 1h10m
To the podcast

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