Practice Being a Strategic Leader

In the symphony of leadership, practice isn't just a rehearsal; it's the performance. In this session, we focused on the fine-tuning of your strategic abilities, practicing the art that elevates a leader from good to exceptional. As we continue to refine these skills, let's embed the discipline of practice in every aspect of our work. 

The core concepts of the session

🎯 SCQ to Pinpoint Problems

The SCQ model is like a detective story that helps you solve any riddle: first, you set the scene (Situation), then a twist appears (Complication), and finally, you ask the big question that helps to solve the mystery (Question)!

📋 Executive Summaries for Clear Communication

Crafting concise executive summaries helps in making your communication more efficient and decision-friendly. It demonstrates your ability to distill complex information, making you a valuable asset for strategic insights and quick decision-making.

⛈️ SBI as the solution to solve the two major challenges of feedback

Giving feedback needs to consider two things: Number 1: Human identity is vulnerable. And number 2: Change requires specific new behaviors.

This is why SBI feedback is so powerful. It does not hurt someone's identity while making clear how the recipient could have acted differently.

💡 Brainstorming for Diverse Opinions

Brainstorming sessions help us to gather a wide range of ideas and perspectives. This practice not only fosters innovation but also reinforces the value of collective intelligence in strategic leadership. Keep these three keys in mind when doing it: 

  • Acknowledge the previous idea before saying your own (without judging!) 
  • Ask clarifying questions to understand the previous idea 
  • Build on the previous idea (e.g. “Building on what you said…”)

Your Moment of Truth

What would a practice session be without a Moment of Truth? The Moment of Truth in which you practice what we practiced in the practice session. Too much practice? Well... as a wise man once said: Practice... makes perfect!

What is the tool of this session that you include in your weekly leadership practice?

You can also ponder these questions:

  • Howto take your weekly planning to the next level?
  • How to translate yourteam’s Executive Summary for yourself?
  • What else was most valuable for you during this session?

Schedule your Buddy Session

Let's turn reflection into action. Pump up your learning muscles! Secure your buddy session and get mentally fit before by reflecting on this practice session.

  • Share how you've incorporated planning into your weekly routine. 
  • Discuss the strategies from today's session that you've started implementing. How are they shaping your leadership practice?

Books on the topic

Do you want more? More details, more examples, more stories? Here are our top recommended reads on the topic of this training session.

Thinking in New Boxes

Luc de Brabandere

Podcasts for this session

We know that books are not for everybody. We rather would like to share our greatest finds from the podcast world on these topics with you:

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