How to Manage Stress

You remember Bert? The paragon of the office, never ruffled, always cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot soup. But here’s the thing: Bert is a myth. If his ancestors were always composed as he is, they probably wouldn't have noticed the lion sneaking up on them. Thankfully for us, they did, and here we are, their descendants with a built-in alarm system. In this session we explored how this heritage can be a tool rather than a trap.

The core concepts of the session

🌪️ Stress as a Natural Reaction

Stress is our body's primal response to challenges—think of it as an internal alarm system (thanks, limbic system). While often labelled negatively, this fight or flight reaction has its place in navigating demanding situations.

🔗 ABC Model: Breaking the Stress Chain

The ABC model illuminates how our interpretation of events can trigger stress. By breaking the connection our belief narrative and the emotional consequences (B and C), we can mitigate stress.

🕯️ Rituals to Cope with Stress

Identify what soothes you. Is it meditation, a leisurely walk, a coffee break, or a rigorous run? The trick is consistency; turning these stress-busters into regular habits can be your shield against stress.

Your Moment of Truth

As always, the goal of the session is to find something that you can implement over the next weeks. So, to the Moment of Truth!

What change would have the highest impact on your personal stress?

And then define for yourself in which situations can you apply this (be as specific as possible).

Schedule your Buddy Session

Talking about stress isn't just a release; it's a way to conquer it:

  • Schedule a buddy session to share your latest stressful encounter. How did you react?
  • Were you able to break the connection between your belief narrative and the emotional consequences?
  • Did you implement what you wanted to change based on the session?

Books on the topic

Do you want more? More details, more examples, more stories? Here are our top recommended reads on the topic of this training session.

Search inside yourself

Chade-meng Tan

Mindfullness in Plain English

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Podcasts for this session

We know that books are not for everybody. We rather would like to share our greatest finds from the podcast world on these topics with you:

How do I get results without feeling overvoworked?

A real coaching conversation from the HBR Podcast "Coaching Real Leaders".
To the podcast

Jodi-Ann Burey and Ruchika Tulshyan on Imposter Syndrome

Brené Brown invite the two authors and talk about their own experiences being called they have "Imposter Syndrome".
To the podcast

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