How to Plan Daily Work or How to Keep Your Inner Zen

Today's session was all about mastering the art of daily planning while preserving our inner zen. Remember, your day is a canvas, and you're the artist. With a few mindful strokes, you can create a masterpiece of productivity and calm.

The core concepts of the session

🎭 Considering the Mind as the Stage of a Theater

Do you know this? Your mailbox is tidy and every message has been answered, but the important presentation in a week's time unfortunately had to wait?

Treat your focus as a spotlight on a theater stage. Not all actors—or thoughts—can be center stage. A clear daily planning helps you to choose which ones you allow into the limelight.

🔍 Focused Thinking

Multitasking is a myth. Our brains are wired to focus on one act at a time. But it can ruminate really well. Preferably about the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately, that doesn't help much.

Understanding this can transform the way you work, leading to deeper engagement and higher quality outcomes.

In the session, we also discussed the Pomodoro Technique. This website offers an easy time tracker that you can use for your Pomodoro slots.

đź“Ą Managing the Information Flow

The 'One Touch Rule'—do, delegate, defer, or delete—helps manage your flow of information. Apply this rule to avoid clutter and maintain a clear mind and workspace.

Your Moment of Truth

Of course, we are starting strong. A Moment of Truth that really helps you to plan daily work and keep your inner zen.

What is your key learning for this session?

In which situation will you apply this learning (your Moment of Truth)?

Schedule your Buddy Session

Your future you will thank today's you to have already scheduled a buddy session. Too complicated? Schedule a buddy session to discuss these two questions:

  • Try introducing each other in just 60 seconds – what's the essence of your story?
  • Discuss adjustments to your daily planning. What tweaks can make your day flow more smoothly?

Books on the topic

Do you want more? More details, more examples, more stories? Here are our top recommended reads on the topic of this training session.

The Craving Mind

Judson Brewer

Getting Things Done

David Allen

Podcasts for this session

We know that books are not for everybody. We rather would like to share our greatest finds from the podcast world on these topics with you:

Brené Brown and James Clear on Atomic Habits

Leadership expert Brené Brown talks with James Clear about building habits.
To the podcast

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